Florida Piano Moving Specialist

Whether you're moving across town, relocating within Florida, or planning a long-distance move, you can count on our team of professional piano movers here at Bayfront to take good care of you and your priceless piano.

White-Glove Piano Moving

We understand that your piano is more than just another piece of furniture - it's a precious instrument that you cherish. Perhaps you inherited your piano from a beloved friend or family member, purchased it to pursue your musical talents, or invested in a piano to introduce your children to the joys of music.

We safely move all types of pianos, including apartment-sized spinet pianos, professional upright pianos, and even concert grand pianos.

Protecting Your Piano With State-Of-The-Art Equipment

No matter what type of piano you have, where it's currently located, or where you need it moved to, we have the specialized skills and high-quality equipment needed to move it safely and efficiently. Our team of strong, professional movers uses a combination of power-assist piano moving machines, lifts, and manpower to navigate challenging spaces while protecting your piano against scratches, drops, and shock.

We are proud to be among a highly select group of moving companies which has invested in the PianoLift 2 - an innovative hydraulic tool that can be used to lift, tip, and move pianos weighing over 1300 pounds. Developed in Europe and used by renowned concert halls, world-class musicians and premium piano movers throughout the world, this unique machine enables us to move your piano by resting it on the strongest part of the instrument, the woodblock.

Using the PianoLIft 2, we move pianos up and down stairs, onto elevators, and through challenging access points without any of the pushing, twisting, and manual lifting that often comes with moving a piano. This ensures that your instrument remains safe, secure, and protected throughout the move.

"At Bayfront, We’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment to make piano moving safe, simple and affordable." — Anthony Duffy (owner)

Outfitted Piano Moving Trucks & Cargo Trailers

Fully Insured Piano Moving

Here at Bayfront, we maintain extensive cargo and liability insurance so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your piano is protected throughout your move. This additional premium coverage is just one more reason why we're Florida's preferred provider of white-glove piano moving.

Climate-Controlled Florida Piano Storage

If you need short-term storage for your piano while you move from one home to another, we can keep your piano safe in our secure, climate-controlled storage facility in Sarasota, FL. We'll keep your piano protected against the damage that dramatic temperature fluctuations and high humidity can cause to a delicate instrument to ensure that your piano is perfectly preserved for delivery to your new home.

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To learn more about how we can help keep your piano safe and protected throughout your next move, contact us here at Bayfront 941-275-2000 (call or text) to speak with our Florida piano moving experts today.