Baldwin Hamilton 243C Upright Piano

We actually had a customer in the showroom think this piano was new. That is how excellent the condition is of this well cared for Baldwin. The piano was owned by a man that was 98 years old before he passed. He loved playing golf, his record collection, his faithful Cadillac and this magnificent Baldwin Hamilton upright piano.

Soon a new owner will continue to enjoy this well made in the U.S.A Baldwin piano. Today a piano similar to this one would sell for $7500. NOTE: When we say similar we are not referring to the Baldwin pianos that are now made in China. We are comparing it with the Charles R. Walter pianos which are thankfully still made in the U.S.A.

Bayfront Service Performed
  • Detailed Cleaning
  • Touched up Cabinet and Bench
  • Light Action Regulation
  • Lubricated Action Parts
  • Pitch Raise and Concert Tuning to A440

No voicing was required on this piano. The sound is warm and powerful. You will easily here the difference of this piano and one that is bright or producing a thin, metallic sound.

Purchasing this used piano will get you an American made piano that is like new and will provide years of enjoyment. The new replacement model by Baldwin is unfortunately made in China. We feel the action and sound has been compromised due to this factory change.

Sale Includes
  • Certified Pre-Owned Baldwin Hamilton 243C
  • Mute Rail with Lever under Keybed
  • Hardtop Bench with Music Compartment
  • Two (2) Keys for Fallboard Lock
  • Dealer Limited Warranty
  • Two (2) Tunings (1 during prep in shop and 1 in home)
  • Bayfront's Exclusive Trade Up Program
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