Kawai K-200 ATX2 Specifications
Height: 45"
Width: 59"
Depth: 22.5"
Weight: 459 lbs.
Millennium III™ action
Double felted, mahogany core hammers
Extended key length
Die-cast aluminum action brackets
2,077 sq. in. solid spruce, tapered soundboard w/ 10 ribs
45.6" speaking length of #1 string
1 cutoff bars
4 back posts
4 back post
Plate bolts
Steel reinforced keyslip
Brace reinforced keybed
Multi-grip pinblock
Square tubed pedal levers
Exterior design
39.4" (W) flip down music rack
Soft, practice, damper pedals
Single brass casters
Soft Fall fallboard
K-200 ATX2 system features
Slide-Out Panel
IHSS, optical sensors
Harmonic ImagingTM XL (HI-XL), 88-key piano sampling
27 sounds
256 max. note polyphony
5 types of reverb
16 types of effects (editable)
Dual, Split, Four Hands (Volume/ Balance adjustable) keyboard modes
6 types plus to user touch curves
10 song, 2 track, approximately 90,000 note recorder
MP3 & WAV – playback and record
Other USB functions: Load/Save Internal Song, Load/Save User Memory, Save SMF Song, Rename File, Delete File, Format USB, Convert Song to Audio, Overdub Audio
Metronome with 10 Time Signatures + 100 drum rhythms
Virtual Technician includes 17 functions
LINE IN, LINE OUT, Headphones (2), LINE IN, LINE OUT, Headphones (2), MIDI I/O, USB to Device